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B E H I N D   T H E   M A S K S

A ‘thank you’ is not enough to acknowledge the hard work of healthcare professionals who are fighting against COVID-19 and putting their lives at risk. Healthcare workers are subjected to long, grueling shifts, they fight with fears and uncertainties not only in the hospitals but

also when they return home to their families.

The healthcare personnel was tested hard not only physically but also psychologically in an attempt to control fear, feelings and despite everything,

keep the concentration high.

There is no visual contact between patient and healthcare worker, prevented by individual protections that not only stem the possibility of contagion but also separate even from that human contact that in a moment of fragility like this, can give hope and encouragement.

There is an inability to recognize those who are taking care of us, the smiles and emotions are hidden from the masks.

“Behind the masks” is a documentary/artistic photography project for remembering, celebrating, and for thanking these people in this historic moment.

An opportunity to express closeness and solidarity, to avoid that the emotions, the challenges and the faces of the health care operators fall into the oblivion: doctors, nurses, assistants, cleaners, drivers of ambulances, volunteers, cooks.

I have spent 5 days, from dawn to sunset, photographing 46 healthcare workers outside the Public Hospital SS. Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo of my 

hometown Alessandria in Italy.

I have created a small professional photographic studio inside a black gazebo positioned outside the main exit of the hospital.

Thank you to all the wonderful healthcare workers who have worked hard during this pandemic,

a special thank you to all the 46 volunteers who participated in the "Behind the masks" photographic project.

Thanks Mariateresa Dacquino, Greta Remondino, Maria Licitra, Paolo Scalici, Gabriele Patrucco, Alessandro Daglio and Davide Silio

for your precious collaboration.

A 'Thank you' is not enough for your great work during this pandemic.

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